Meeting With Taç Regional Dealers at Zorlu Plaza...
"We will keep a record of all customers. No one will be at loss due to the system. The only way to do this is to use Diva program. Doing this, we will comprehend who does what and sells what." More »

Common Customer Database Diva, which is a customer-oriented application, is based on the Common Customer Database (CCD). Today, all enterprises are in the search for ways to better know their customers and to have easier contact with them. CCD allows you to control every point where you contact your customers.More »

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Aytuğ Elerman - Tefal

To watch the October 2007 dated interview with Aytuğ Elerman, Business Development Administrator of Groupe Seb...
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Parlak Billuriye - Ankara

If I begin with when I first met DIVA, that would be a very long story. However, I cannot help but say that I am very pleased with DIVA now and will always be in the future.

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January 2008

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December 2007
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